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W-Nr 1.2714 / 55NiCrMoV7 Plate, Round bar

Product parameters
Material Category:: Cr-Ni-Mo-V hot work tool steel
Material Technical Standards:: EN ISO 4957 - 2000, DIN 17350 (1980).
Terms of Price:: Ex works, CIF, and CFR
Stocklist & Inventory Available:: Round bar Diam. 90 ~ 400mm, Hot forged heavy plate.
Melting Process Route:: EAF + LF + VD / + ESR, BEF + ESR
Min. order quantity Per Batch:: 1000 KG
Certification:: Commercial Invoice, Packing list, CO, Bill of lading, Origin of Certificate, Form E
Product Shapes:: Round bar, Flat bar, Plate
Standard Export Packing Way:: Wooden box, wooden Pallet / tray with free from fumigation.
Production Lead Time:: Within 15 days after 30% downpayment.
Unified Social Credit Code:: 91510871777942750J
Company ISO Register No:: UQ211218R0

This alloy is generally smelt in electric arc furnace EAF + VD, LF + Electroslag remelting (ESR). For a purpose of higher quality, it should be smelt via technology of vacuum refining and external refining.
Alloy tool steel is widely used to produce the cutting tool, cold/heat distortion mould and measuring implements, and further to manufacture the piston, valve, valve seat of fuel pump. Cutting tools, Mechanical parts, Air hammer tools, Piercing tools.

MATERIAL CATEGORY:  Hot working tool steel
MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: EN ISO 4957: 2000 , DIN 17350 (1980)
C (%):  0.50 ~ 0.60, Si (%):  0.10 ~ 0.40, Mn (%):  0.65 ~ 0.95
P (%)≤:  0.030, S (%)≤:  0.030
Cr (%):  1.00 ~ 1.20, Mo (%):  0.45 ~ 0.55, V (%):  0.07 ~ 0.12
Ni (%):  1.50 ~ 1.80, Fe (%): remainder.

Hot working tenperature ℃:  1050~850
Annealing temperature ℃:  680~710
Hardness after annealing ≤HBW:  248
Quenching temperature ℃:   840~860
Cooling medium: air
Common tempering temperature ℃:  490~510
Hardening value after tempering at temperature /MPa |400℃:   HRC51

The preheating of measuring and cutting
tool steel is spheroidizing annealing, final heat treatment is quenching + low temperature tempering and hardness after heat treatment can reach 60~65HRC. When heat treat tool steel grades consideration should be given to hardening temperature, including ratio of heating, cooling and soaking times which will differ due to factors such as the shape and size of each chemical component. Other considerations during heat treatment include the type of furnace, quenching medium and work piece transfer facilities.

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