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AISI 316L - S31603 - AMS 5653 Solution Treated Forgings

Product parameters
Material Category:: Austenitic Stainless Steel
Material Technical Standards:: AMS 5653H, ASTM A276
Place of Origin: P. R. China
Terms of Price:: Ex works, CIF, and CFR
Stocklist & Inventory Available:: Round bar Diam. 25 ~ 120mm, Sheet / Plate
Min. order quantity Per Batch:: 1000 KG
Customs HS code:: 72222000 / 72223000
Standard Export Packing Way:: Wooden box, wooden Pallet / tray with free from fumigation.
Production Lead Time:: Within 15 days after 30% downpayment.
Unified Social Credit Code:: 91510871777942750J
Company ISO Register No:: UQ211218R0
This alloy is generally smelt in Basic Electric Furnace (EAF, AOD) or VIM + Electroslag remelting (ESR). For a purpose of superior quality, it should be smelt via technology of vacuum refining or by agreement. It is suitable for applications such as high tensile shafts, bolts and nuts, gears, pinions spindles and so on. These products have been used typically for parts requiring both corrosion and heat resistance up to 1 600 °F (871 °C),
AMS 2248 - Chemical Check Analysis Limits, Wrought Corrosion and Heat-resisiant Steels And Alloys, Maraging and other High-alloy Steels, and Iron Alloys.
ASTM A370 Mechanical Testing of Steel Products.
AMS 2371 Quality Assureance Sampling and testing, Corrosion and Heat-resitant Steels and Alloys, worought Products and Forgings stock.

C (%):  ≤ 0.030, Mn (%):  1.25 ~ 2.00, Si (%):  ≤ 1.00
P (%)≤:  0.040, S (%)≤:  0.030
Cr (%):  16.0 ~ 18.0, Ni (%):  10.0 ~ 14.0, Mo (%): 2.00 ~ 3.00
Cu (%): ≤ 1.00, Fe (%): Remainder.

Shapes: bars and forgings
Tensile strength, σb/MPa:  482
Tensile strength, σb/MPa:  862 max. (wire rod)
Yield strength, σ0.2/MPa:  175
Elongation, δ(%):  30.0
Reduction of area, ф (%):  40.0
Hardness under solution condition | HBW:  255 Max.

20+ years Focus On Special Steel Manufacturing and processing.
Stock over 60 grades with a competitive price, along with cutting service for specific requirement.
Customizing special material is welcome.
Round bar (Diameter): 5.5 to 550mm
Square bar / Flat bar (Thickness X width): 10 to 600mm
Wire rod (Diameter): 0.5 to 10.0mm
Steel strip: THK0.5 ~ 3.0, Width 10 ~ 1200mm

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